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If you have any interest in art, stained glass, history or West Point, you’ll want The Stained Glass Windows at West Point DVD. The entire collection of stained glass windows at West Point’s Cadet Chapel is finally available to everyone. Now you can enjoy the beauty and splendor of this amazing collection of art and history in the comfort of your own home, any time you want.

The windows were crafted to embrace the values and virtues of West Point, known as Duty, Honor and Country, as well as the Old and New Testaments’ figures that have inspired cadets throughout the years. The Main Chancel Window is dedicated to those who have served over the centuries and those who continue to serve every day.

The DVD gives you an opportunity to look into the art, the history and how it came together. The Stained Glass Windows at West Point is perfect for gift for anyone during the holidays, birthdays, or any occasion.


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“When I first watched this DVD with my wife I expected to simply look at the brilliant windows. The interactive format let us browse through centuries of West Point history. We watched for hours, enjoying the history of the West Point Cadet Chapel since 1802. I?m going to give this DVD as a holiday gift to friends.”

– Herman D., New York

“A treasure for everyone interested in stained glass and scripture. A must have for those who want to enjoy scripture and stained glass in the Old and New Testaments.”

– Angelica P., Texas

The Old and New
Testament portrayed in beautiful stained glass

The Stained Glass Windows at West Point DVD offers viewers an insider’s look into the stained glass windows that have long commemorated the majority of West Point’s graduating classes, as far back as 1802.

The DVD features all 178 windows, each accompanied by a brief history of the images and inspirations. It also includes a documentary on the legendary Willet Studios, commissioned to create the Chapel’s Sancturary window, the first of 66 years of continuous commissions by West Point students and the longest stained glass commission in U.S. History. The DVD is searchable, easy to navigate and is accompanied by some of the world’s most beautiful music, creating a multisensory experience of sight and sound.

View Stills From The DVD

With The Stained Glass Windows at West Point DVD you will learn all about windows, the Chapel and their history.
Things you never knew, such as:

Willet Studios was chosen over Tiffany and Co. to create and design the stained glass for the Chapels Sanctuary Window, a memorial for West Point Graduates

Each of these windows only cost the West Point Graduates $300 to commission. William Willet fixed the price in 1910 as a means of thanking West Point graduates for their services. The price did not change for 66 years, until the last window was installed.

The first window installed in the Chapel, the Sanctuary Window, represents the Genius and Spirit of West Point, as symbolized by the heroes of the Old and New Testaments.

Construction of the Chapel cost $441,308.

The stoned used to build the Chapel was quarried at West Point.

In addition to the DVD, you will receive an informative text, detailing the history of the Cadet Chapel, the creation of the windows, the Willet family and the Cadet Prayer.

Also found in the text:

  • Chapel Statistics
  • Key Dimensions of the Chapel
  • Key to the Sanctuary Window
  • Key to the WWI Memorial Window

From the Chapel to your Home

Your cherished history can become part of the heritage you can share over and over again with your friends, family, and loved ones.
Every graduate and every one of us who has had a ceremonious occasion at the chapel should have this memento to recall the times in our lives which mean the most to us.
This DVD also makes a great gift for those whom enjoy the inspiring splendor of stained glass windows.

The Stained Glass Windows at West Point DVD is the perfect gift for clients, employees & vendors!

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